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                                             20th Century Ireland - George Noble Plunkett (1851-1948)

George Noble Plunkett, father of Joseph Plunkett, was educated at Clongowes. He published his first volume of verse God's Chosen Festival in 1877 and was created a Papal Count by Pope Leo XIII in 1884. Plunkett was called to the Irish Bar in 1886. He was elected President of the Society for the Preservation of the Irish Language in 1906 in which capacity he came into contact with radical nationalists and was an active supporter of the Home Rule Party until the First World War. In 1907 Plunkett was appointed Director of the National Museum.
In April, 1916 Plunkett joined the IRB and travelled to Germany with communiques for Roger Casement. After the Rising he was deported and imprisoned in Reading Gaol where he remained until shortly before his election on an abstentionist platform in the North Roscommon by-election of February, 1917. Later in the same year Plunkett presided over a Republican Convention at which the Liberty League was founded. He also presided over the Mansion House Convention which resulted in the amalgamation of republican groups into the new Sinn Féin to which the recently released Eamonn de Valera was elected President.
Following the Sinn Féin victory in the 1918 General Election Plunkett called the first assembly of Dáil Éireann at the Mansion House, Dublin on the 21st of January, 1919.
Plunkett opposed the 1921 Anglo-Irish Treaty and, as a member of the Second Dáil, he was one of the signatories who, in 1938, signed over the Second Dáil's mandate to govern Ireland to the Army Council of the IRA.©
George Noble Plunkett (1851-1948)
George Noble Plunkett (1851-1948)

To Ireland
You set your feet among the Kings,
upspringing from your sleep in the grave.
You bare your wounds as precious things
and in your ashen weeds are brave.

Yours is the pagentry of Christ
Shame -whipt, who bade you share his loss,
While shuddered Hell and Heaven rejoice,
thorned for your homage on the cross.

Under His standard be you free:
Your sons shall see, who rise to bless,
descending on truth's enemy
a fiery cloud of witnesses.

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20th Century Ireland (1917-1923)
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